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Business and even your personal  life can be segregated in to People,  Process and Tools.

At CONNECT All we address all three.


People obviously relates to the people themselves involved and impacted in any way.

Process relates to the way we do things, the order, priority and speed and efficiency.

Tools are the systems, tools, skills and tangible things we use to complete our tasks



Here we focus on the PEOPLE  side of things ( checkout our video here



As Director of CONNECT All Systems and the lead facilitator and trainer, I am able to leverage off my wide and varied career over my life across all sectors – public, private and not for profit

I’ve been self-employed, an employee, volunteer and unemployed

I've worked Full-Time, Part-Time, Casual and Adhoc

I've worked in the field, on site, in an office, and worked from home.

I’ve worked with technology, I’ve worked with animals, I’ve worked with tools and I’ve worked with people.

I’ve worked with adults; I’ve worked with children of all ages

I’ve worked with people with disabilities, and also the dying.


If there’s one thing I have learnt over my life and career  is that people are at the heart of everything

No Process, Procedure or Tool is worth anything if the people part is not right.  


CONNECT All Systems offers  coaching, training and mentoring for People



A  key workshop that we offer is focused on Team Unity

In the session we focus on the People side and encourage teams to keep working on that to make the rest of life flow more smoothly whether at work or at home.  

We offer a tailored workshop for businesses who want to get the best out of their employees and assist them be the best version of themselves that they can be.


This workshop helps your team identify who they are are and how they react and gives them skills in dealing with different personality types to themselves.

This is a  fun an interactive session, however it also digs deep in to people's character and requires participants to self-evaluate.


This workshop is available to be run virtually or face to face by appointment..


The course itself runs for 2-3  hours with some pre-course work required. There are also some follow up post course activities that can be done to re-enforce the learnings of the course.


Max 25 people per course. which can be run virtually or face to face.


Workshop Agenda is as follows

 Pre -Workshop

  • Participants perform a survey on Personality Styles
  • Participants provide  information


  • Introduction
  • Online Interactive Session 
  • Presentation Session
  • Review Session

 Post Workshop

  •  Review


 For bookings and enquiries,  contact us  via email @  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.